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Gone With The Wind, Forever and Always Gawgia "Charlene" Peach's website dedicated entirely to the greatest romance of all time

GONE with the WIND Margaret Mitchell's American classic narrates the love story between Scarlett O'Hara (Leigh) and Rhett Butler (Gable) as they experience love, suffer disaster and start over in the wake of the Civil War.

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Review of Scarlett the long-anticipated sequel to "Gone With the Wind," spawned both controversy and excitement long before aired as an eight-hour mini-series on CBS television, November 13-17, 1994.

Scarlett This movie is the sequel to Gone With the Wind. It takes Gone With the Wind to a new level. Scarlett has a second baby from Rhett but he does not know about her. Scarlett moves to Ireland where she ends up getting herself into a heap of trouble. Rhett divorces Scarlett and remarries Anne Butler. Some people say that Gone with the Wind should have never had a sequel. Watch it and be the judge yourself.

Gone With The Wind - Liner Notes Links: Rediscovering Buried Treasure; The Saga of Gone With The Wind; The Producer: David O. Selznick; The Author: Margaret Mitchell; The Production: Selznick International; The Composer: Max Steiner; The Score; Cast List; Track List; Selected Bibliography; Production Credits; Photo Captions; Text on Packaging.

Gone With The Wind, Forever and Always... - Gawgia "Charlene" Peach: Welcome to my website dedicated entirely to the greatest romance of all time, Gone With The Wind

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James Joyce and Scarlet O'Hara ? Joyce's Ulysses contains a passage of rumination about Ireland's former glory that ends with a reference to Tara (the ancient Irish capitol) and the phrase "gone with the wind." Message and Follow up at Joycean.com.

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Gone With The Wind Sounds Includes c. 15 Clips from Gone With The Wind; all sounds are sampled at 11kHz.

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GWTW.COM: Inn Scarlett's Footsteps A Bed and Breakfast Plantation in the Antebellum Style. If you're visiting Atlanta and are searching for the fictional "Tara" or a plantation in the style of "Gone with the Wind," here is your opportunity to experience the romance of the "Old South."

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