(Received January 11, 2007)


Edward O’Hara married Bridget or Beesey Henery (born c.1864) in Co Sligo

    Edward O’Hara was a Herder/Farm Labourer, he married Bridget or Beesey Henery bn c 1864 daughter of James Henery and Kate O’Donnelly.

    They had the following children:

Edward bn 26/11/1883 in Ranaghan, Sligo
Michael bn 20/05/1886 also Ranaghan
Mary bn 20/06/1889 Ranaghan
John bn 15/06/1891 Ranaghan
Jane (Jean) bn 26/12/1893 in Arderee, Sligo (My G Grandmother)
Bridget Kate bn 26/06/1898 in Cloonacurra, Sligo

    My grandfather tells me that Mary and Jean my G Grandmother came to Gorbals, Glasgow looking for work he says his mother worked in a big house in Ireland prior to this but I Believe they may have moved with their mother Bridget in the early 1900’s after their father died as I have found a marriage certificate for her in 1908 when she married a John Pettipiece in Glasgow. Their Mother Bridget died in 1926 in Glasgow.

    Jean married George Oliphant in Glasgow in 1920 and she died in 1952 in Springburn. Mary Married a man who worked as a road roller in Glasgow.

    It is believed that one of the other sons moved to Glasgow and married and a daughter moved to Canada to work in a newspaper office. Can anyone help me with obtaining further information on my family or are you connected somehow?

    Would love to hear from you, 

    Clare Oliphant


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