(Received January 1, 2009)


Looking for James/ Jack/ John O'Hara (born Sligo, 1870s or 1880s) who emigrated to Australia


    I'm trying to trace a granduncle James/Jack/John O'Hara from Sligo who went to Australia at the time of the great gold rush. He was son to Michael O'Hara (1847-1923) and Lucy Hart (1853-1929). They had the following 8 children:

Mary (1873-1936),
Patrick (1874-1943)
Agnes (1879-1882),
Johannus (1881-1945),
Frank (1884-1893),
James (1885?-1906),
Michael (1890-1958; my grandfather)
James/Jack/John (born somewhere between 1873 and 1890)

    Would anybody have any information on where I could start searching, or would any of your members have come across him during their searches in Australia. Would appreciate any help I can get.

    Many thanks & Happy New Year 2009,

    Deirdre O'Hara

Email: dmurraysligo@hotmail.com

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