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Richard O'Hara took sons Richard (10-12 yrs) and Patrick (8-10) to US, early 1930s

    I don't know where to start this story, it seems so sad and unreal to me, how little i know about my family and myself. It reads like a bad movie script but apparently it's true. I hope it makes some sense to someone. Shortly before my father died he informed me that he had some half brothers that our family never knew about.

    Well here goes ... my father, George O'Hara was born 4th june 1928 in Dublin Ireand. He was born outside of wedlock; both his parents had been recently widowed and became a couple for a few years but later broke up and he was reared by his mother (first marriage name Conway, maiden name Uzell). His father was Richard O'Hara (unknown age) who had two sons from his first marriage. Their names were Richard and Patrick O'Hara born in the late 1910's or early 1920's. Their birth mother had died giving birth and they were removed from their fathers care by the Irish State and placed in Artane Industrial School - a shamefull practice from Ireland's recent history which has shocked my nation because of the abuse suffered by individuals in these institutions.

    When wy father was only 2 or 3 years old (circa 1930/3) his father Richard broke his two other sons, Richard roughly aged 10-12 and Patrick roughly aged 8-10 out of the industrial school and tried to take my father from his mother's home but she managed to chase him away and never seen him again. At this point it is believed that his father took the other boys to the United States, unknown location, as this is what my father was told by other members of his family.

    So if anyone knows of a Richard O'Hara who immigrated to the United States with his two sons Richard (10-12 yrs)and Patrick (8-10) in the early 1930s and came from Dublin, Ireland with what some might think are tall tales like the one I have recited, could they please contact me. I know these peolpe are most likely deceased as my father was 77 years old when he told me this story before he died, but they may have had families that are still alive.

    It amazes me and saddens me to the bottom of my hearth how little I know about my family only one generation back.

    Dermot O'Hara

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