(Received December 9, 2007)


The O'Hara's of Drumina, near Tubbercurry, Co.Sligo, Eire

     We are the O'Hara's of Drumina, just outside Tubbercurry on the Balina Rd, Co Sligo, Connaught, Eire. My name Desmond was chosen by my Mother who is from Munster. Our parents brought themselves looking for work into England running various London pubs through the 1960's- 90's inclusive.

    Our grandfather was Michael, who had 2 sons, eldest being Patrick, & my uncle Eamon. Eamon went to Newcastle England & had 4 sons, ( my first cousins ) in order of birth Michael, Sean, junior Eamon, & Liam, some of these have sons too. Can we add these to your O'Hara tree?


    Desmond O'Hara,

    Architect, Hampton London UK.

Email: Desmond@oharas.com

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