(Received December 27, 2005)


My lost O'Hara family from Liverpool

     Hello fellow O'Haras!  I live in Sweden, but was born in Liverpool. My Dad, Michael O'Hara was born 1920 in Liverpool. He died in 1990. He came from a big family, with roots in Co. Mayo so I've heard. All of them, his sister's and brothers and parents are long dead. Are there any cousins or other relatives surviving who could get in touch with me? My dad served in World War 2. His father's name was Bernard and his mother was Mary. They lived in Norris Geen, Liverpool. He had a sister named Kitty, another named Nora, a brother named Gerald and one named Arthur. All are lost to me. Does anyone recognise this family?

    Blessings and love to all O'Haras, from Trollhättan, Sweden,

    Esther O'Hara

Email: esther_ohara@hotmail.com

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