(Received March 25, 2005)


Esther O'Hara's “The Witches Necklace”

    Dear James,

    I just wanted to let you know that my book is being published on the 30th of March 2006 and there is some information on the publisher's website now. (Unfortunatley in Swedish, but it can be of interest to other O'Haras worldwide anyway!).

    My book is a children's book called "Häxan och halsbandet" (The Witches Necklace) and is about a wicked witch who has a magic necklace. She uses the necklace to create bad weather and terrorise the town of Trollhättan. She lives in a secret cave outside the town, up in the dark hilly forest. One day she loses her magic necklace and it is found by a little boy who is out for a walk in the woods with his mother. The witch then searches high and low for her necklace. She uses all sorts of spells and poisonous herbs to try and find it. Meanwhile, in the hands of the little boy, the necklace turns good, and works all kinds of little miracles...

    Well that is a little summary. I may translate it one day and see if it is publishable in English.

    The web address of my publisher is: www.forfattarhuset.se  Click here to see my book and here to see a text about me and a little picture.

    Esther O'Hara

Email: esther_ohara@hotmail.com

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