(Received November 17, 2006)


Valentine O'Hara (1875-1941)

Link: One Hundred Renowned O'Haras

        Hi there,

    I am distantly related to Valentine O'Hara (1875-1941) who is mentioned in your "One Hundred Renowned O'Haras" section. I am trying to trace his ancestors and any family he may have had. I know he married Florence Butt in 1919. Florence is my great great aunt! I know he had a brother Charles H O'Hara. Valentine didn't ahve any children, but maybe his brother did? If anyone can help me with tying in his family I would be extremely grateful. I can help anyone out with details I have found out about Valentine if they're interested. He was a fascinating man!

    Guy Singer

Email: guy_s@xs4all.nl

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