(Received August 24, 2013)


FYI and info that may be of use for researching an O'Hara family of 
Pennsylvania, Scranton and Carbondale areas, plus other cities


        Here below is a weblink to an online folder containing an O'Hara family tree (cut into 4 jpegs) dating from post 1924. It contains addresses of
    individuals at that time who are second cousins.

       I know the date is post 1924 because of my grandfather's family's address is noted for Panama City, FL. Prior to 1924, the Edward Aloysius
    O'Donnell family was living in California.

        The tree has the second cousins, first cousins and aunts and uncles and if I understand the document the parents are listed at the top of the page.

        The document appears to be have been made and mailed out for the purpose of tracking down individuals for an inheritance.

        Edward A. O'Donnell begat Edwin James O'Donnell who begat James Madison O'Donnell, me.

        Please use and share the contents of the folder with those to whom it may be of interest.


        James Madison O'Donnell


   Link:  https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=2951063B3AD9E2D9!1500&authkey=!AEvnimUaWG-q6Wo        


        Email: mnodonne@hotmail.com

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