(Received March 18, 2008)


Canon O'Hara of Glan, Co. Mayo

    My maternal grandmother was baptized by Canon O'Hara at Glan Chapel and remembers him coming to her parents home in Glan in the 1890's. 

    John Buscemi

    PS. Glan is in the south of Co. Mayo, Ireland. The church is still active and it was and is part of the larger parish of Kilmovee. It is not too far from Knock ... the famous shrine, and a good sized airport for jet liners carrying "pilgrims". The nearest small town to Glan and Kilmovee Parish is Kilkelly. The largest "city" near it is Ballahaderrean (spelling ?). It was an area of small tenant farmers fairly poor. He was appointed parish priest in Kilmovee / Glan Parish in 1881. His name was R.O'Hara according to the website EastMayo.org – the part dealing with priests who served Kilmovee parish. Canon O'Hara is still remembered today.

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