(Received August 30, 2006)


A Hundred Thousand Welcomes to all O'Haras

    My family and I now live in Worcester, England, but my Great Great Grandfather, Patrick, married to Mary (nee Sullivan, we think), came to Rossendale in Lancashire at time of potato famine. Don't know when he was born or where. They were in 1871 census as living in Dean, Rossendale Lancs. They had 7 children: Anne born 1868, John 1871, Mary 1875, Michael (my Great Grand Father) 1876, Thomas 1878, William 1881 and James 1884. Apart from James and Michael, who we know stayed in Rossendale we have no knowledge of the others so they could have moved anywhere in UK or the World.

    Any info please get in touch. Love to hear from other cousins in any event.

    Kevin Michael O'Hara

Email: oharas173@hotmail.com

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