(Received June 30, 2006)


Looking for my O'Hara cousins


    I was checking out this site and hopefully I might be able to find my cousin's that I have never seen but heard alot about. Their names are Kevin Elwin O'Hara and his sister Jacqline. I'm not sure where they are I know their mother was from England. Their father was Elwin O'Hara born in Locharbour, Nova Scotia. His father and mother were Reg O'Hara and Anna Mae Hierlihy. My grandfather remarried after my grandmother's death and moved to Heatherton, Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Elwin was in the Army and died due to complications from diabetes or stomach ulcers. He had three brothers and two sisters and a sister mary who died at birth. My dad who's name is John is the eldest son, then Mae, Helen, Lester, Elwin and Raymond. Raymond passed away in November. He had stomach problems as well. Anyway we've been searching for Elwin's children for years. I think that Kevin would be about 38 or 39 now and not sure how old Jacquline would be maybe my age which is 37 or younger.

    I was wanting to let David Heirlihy know that I am John Douglas O'Hara's youngest daughter.  Reg and Anna Mae were my grandparents however they passed before I was born and daddy doesn't say much about them.

    Any information would be helpful. Thank you.

    Kimberley O'Hara

Email: kimohara691@msn.com

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