(Received December 1, 2011)


Can't find anyone before my great great great grandfather Hugh O'Harra

    I have been trying to find when my family actually came to the US but I've hit a road block. I can't find anything beyond my great great great grandfather Hugh O'Harra who was born between 1770 and 1780 and died in 1850 in Indiana. As far as I know he had 10 children who's names are as follows from oldest to youngest: Arthur, Charlotte, Ezekiel, John (died in the 1850s), Margaret, Wesley, James (born 1810), Hugh Jr. (born 1820), Daniel (my gggrandfather, lived 1817-1888), and Elizabeth (born 1839).

    So if anyone has information that can help me continue my search back it would be great.

    Lane O'Harra

Email: lane.oharra@gmail.com

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