(Received November 30, 2007)


O'Hara's of Rush, Dublin, Ireland

    Looking for information on the O'Hara's of Rush, Dublin, Ireland. Large family consisting of possibly 13 children (John I, Thomas, James, Joseph, Anne, John II, Eleanor, William, Mary Ann, Francis, Alice and Louis) born in that order between 1827-1850. Some emigrated to the Boston area (John II, and Francis) in the 1850's, possibly others.

    My great, great grandfather John II married a Margaret and lived on Henchmann Street in North End according to the 1880 census. He worked as a laborer, then as a fish monger. His brother Francis settled in Boston, then Winchester and started FJ O'Hara Fisheries. One manifest shows Francis and his daughter Hanora returned to the US from Austrailia (maybe to visit family?) Rumor has it some/many of the 13 children emigrated there. Any help appreciated.

    Mark O'Hara

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