(Received March 10, 2010)


Looking for the parents of my grandfather Russell Michael O'Hara Sr.(1901-1972)

    My grandfather's father was a butcher in Chicago, IL. My grandfather, Russell Michael O'Hara Sr. (c. 9/19/1901-11/1972) had three brothers; David, Lester, and another who was a priest but cannot remember his name. He also had a sister whose name I think was Helen. My grandfather was a butcher for a short time working for his father. Later he was employed by the railroad, and he also played football around 1927. Married to Marie Carrier from Chicago, IL. Two children; Russell Michael, Jr., and Marie Helen.

    Looking for names of my grandfathers parents or any other information that is accessible.

    Michele Coble

Email: mmcoble@mindspring.com

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