(Received July 26, 2009)


The meaning of the apostrophe in O'Hara

Follow-up to: The meaning of the O apostrophe in O'Hara

    Dear Sir,

The apostrophe in O'Hara does not mean son of O'Hara, but *grandson* of O'Hara. Nowadays it is often used as "Of" the O'Haras. My name is McCormick and I am descended from Laurence O'Hara (b 1770 in Co. Sligo, but moved to Co. Roscommon). He married Mary McDonagh and I have hundreds of their descendants listed on my tree at Ancestry.co.uk. If you are a member of Ancestry you can view my tree for free. "The McCormick (Niall) Family Tree" If you have any information that would help with the expansion of my tree, I would be really pleased to hear from you,

Kind regards,

    Niall Francis McCormick

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