(Received May 10, 2010)


Looking for my father Michael Robert O'Hara, born 1947 or 1948 in Ireland or Montreal

    My name is Michael Ryan O'Hara-Hanson, I live in Regina, Saskatchewan and I was born August 1st, 1986. I'm looking for my father Michael Robert O'Hara, born around April 13, 1947 or 1948. I don't have much info on him. He lived in Regina, Saskatchewan and may have been born in Ireland or Montreal. My mother is Marion and did not take his last name but was never married to him.

    If anyone can help me with any leads or any information I would be grateful. I am aware that a Michael Robert O'Hara is posted here but he's 23. I am 23 years old and have been at this for 5 years.

    Thank you all,

    Michael (Mickey) Ryan O'Hara-Hanson

Email: raziel_dark_prince@Hotmail.com

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