(Received March 22, 2008)


Pittsburgh, PA O'Haras

    Hello from the O'Haras from Pittsburgh.

    I am Robert Joseph O'Hara, III, son of Robert Jr, son of Robert Sr. I am one of 8 kids. My dad was one of 4, (2 sisters, Patricia (3 kids) and Peggy (deceased, no children) and on brother, Jack (deceased, 3 or 4 kids; moved to near Columbus, Ohio). My grandfather was with the post office for his entire career, retiring as post master general for a larger area north of Pittsburgh. We are planning a trip to Ireland this summer and I am trying to learn more about where our Irish ancestors are from. This site is helpful.

    Best regards to all O'Haras around the world!

    Robert Joseph "R.J." O'Hara, III

Email: rj@flaherty-ohara.com

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