(Received December 14, 2006)


The O'Hara family of Granard, County Longford, Ireland

    My grandfather Thomas O'Hara came to America from Granard, County Longford, Ireland around 1908. His father was Michael O'Hara and his mother was Mary Kerr. Most of my grandfather's family came to America. Henry O'Hara and sisters Annie and Julie. One brother Bernard O'Hara stayed in Ireland. One brother in Ireland worked well into his 80's delivering mail by bicycle. My g.f. Thomas O'Hara also had half brothers and sisters. Some of his half brothers made it big in horse racing. There is a O'Hara pub in Granard, County Longford, Ireland. I wonder if it's my O'Hara line that owns it?

    Any relatives out there?


    Thomas Heege

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