(Received March 28, 2006)


An O'Hara from Kingston, Ontario

    I was surfing the web...bored at work... and came across this site!

    I'm an O'Hara from Kingston, Ontario, Canada. I'm 32. Son of Kenneth and Patricia O'Hara. 1 brother Kenny. I'm a nurse. Work in a federal prison near Kingston. The inmates are refusing to lock up, so I'm stuck here after hours incase someone gets stabbed. Love my job!

    I've got lots of family tree info, and would love to hear from any other O'Hara's out there. My closest relatives are in southern Ontario. Ben and Jeff. Thier parents, my aunt and uncle, relocated to Texas and work for Dow Chemical in Lake Jackson.

    Anyway... take care everyone. Love to hear from any other O'Hara's out there.



(Timmothy Lee O'Hara)

Email: oharatim15@hotmail.com

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