(Received January 19, 2008)


Coopershill House, County Sligo, and the O'Haras

   Hello to you and yours,

    I think your correspondent Barbara Best (messages no. 193 & 198  no. 273 & no. 395) from London and I are connected somewhere. She is a carbon copy of an aunt on my fathers side. I understand that we hail from a distant grandfather who challenged Charles O'Hara ( was it him ?) when he transferred the estates into the name of his sisters only child, on he proviso that he change his name to O'Hara from Cooper. There was a court case over it I understand, dcided by whoever had the deepest pockets, I also understand. I had a factory in Ballyshannon in the 70's and 80's and met with Dermot O'Hara in Annaghmore and William in Coopershill House (
Link). Dermot invited us to buy the place admitting that he wasn't really an O'Hara.........but it needed so muchwork that we chose not to. I'm now a Tax Practitioner on Anglesy, retired, but working harder than ever.


    Viv G. O'Hara

Email: vivohara@tiscali.co.uk

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