(Received March 3, 2007)


Looking for Edward O'Hara born OH about 1860, married Noblesville, IN in 1892

    Hello to all the O'Hara's out there !

    I am seriously pursuing some research on my family and I have hit a stone wall. Hoping someone can help with info they have uncovered.

    My great grandfather was Edward O'Hara and from his appliction for marriage in Noblesville, IN in 1892 his info is as follows: Age 32 so he was born sometime around 1860. Lists his birthplace as Ohio. Fathers name was John. Mothers name was Mary Lynch. His occupation was an iron moulder which probably meant he was working for the RR at some time. I am really stumped on this one. If it helps he named his son Henry Edward which as I gather was based on some of his brothers as the Irish had a system for naming boys.

    I would really appreciate ANY help with this. I have found a couple of O'Hara's in Ohio in the census prior to 1892 but I cannot make the leap to connect him to any one family.

    Wayne O'Hara

Email: w-ohara@sbcglobal.net

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