Officer O'Hara

Jack Carson is Officer O'Hara in the Movie ‘Arsenic and Old Lace’ (1944) Jack Carson is Officer O'Hara

Mortimer:"Mhmmglug!" Officer Brophy: "Never mind Mr. Brewster, I'll take care of him" Jonathan: "You come down to the cellar." Officer O'Hara (outside right) : "Wait a minute, now wait a minute!" Jonathan: "Thirteen bodies! I'll show you where they're buried!"

The Cast

The cast of Arsenic and Old Lace: Cary Grant (Mortimer Brewster), Raymond Massey (Jonathan Brewster), Priscilla Lane (Elaine Harper), Josephine Hull (Abby Brewster), Jean Adair (Martha Brewster), Jack Carson (O'Hara), Edward Everett Horton (Mr. Witherspoon), Peter Lorre (Dr. Einstein) James Gleason (Lt. Rooney), John Alexander ("Teddy Roosevelt" Brewster)

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