The O'Haras in the «Oxford Dictionary of  National Biography»

The «Oxford Dictionary of  National Biography» published by Oxford University Press appeared 2004 online (subscription) and in a 60-volume print edition (Link). Volume 41 contains articles on the following O'Haras:

  • Charles O'Hara, first Baron Tyrawley (died 1724), pp. 626-627
  • Charles O'Hara (c. 1740-1802), army officer and colonial governor, pp. 627-628; (an illegitimate son of James O'Hara, second Baron Tyrawley)
  • James O'Hara, second  Baron Tyrawley and Baron Kilmaine (1681/2-1773), pp. 628-629
  • Kane O'Hara, playwright (1711/12-1782), pp. 629-630

Volume 3 has an article on the pseudo Abel & Barnes O'Hara, pp. 668-670

John Banim [pseud. Abel O'Hara] (1798-1842), novelist and playwright, was born in Kilkenny on 3 April 1798 ... his brother Michael
Banim [pseud. Barnes O'Hara] (1796-1874) was also born at Kilkenny on 5 August 1796 ... The Banims wrote «The O'Hara Tales/ Tales from the O'Hara family»  ... The Banims gained a lasting posthumous reputation as nationalist novelists and several of the novels were reprinted in the twentieth century.

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