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O'Hara's Wife


O'Hara's Wife (1982 film)
O'Hara's Wife is a 1982 American comedy-drama film directed by William Bartman and starring Edward Asner, Mariette Hartley and Jodie Foster.

TV Guide: O'Hara's Wife
Topper-like tale starring Ed Asner as the faithful husband, Bob O'Hara, who loses his wife, Harry (Mariette Hartley), when she collapses and is put on a life-support system. Rather than see her spend the rest of her life hooked to machines, O'Hara pulls the plug and Harry dies. Much to his surprise, he is greeted at home by her ghost, which only he can see and hear. Harry's ghost pushes O'Hara to fulfill his life-long ambition of quitting his law practice and traveling. Conflicts at home are provided by the estranged son, Rob (Perry Lang), constantly tangling with his younger sister, Barbara (Jodie Foster), who supports her dad wholeheartedly.

IMDb: O'Hara's Wife (1982)

Workaholic attorney Bob O'Hara (Asner) is devastated when his wife (Hartley) dies suddenly. She returns to "haunt" him, however, (a la "Topper") and her mission is to persuade him to slow down, watch his own health, and renew relationships with his two grown children (Foster and Lang).

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