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O'Haras in The Rising (film 2016)


David O'Hara as James Connolly in The Rising (2016)
David O'Hara was born and raised in Glasgow in Scotland. Over the past 35 years, he has joined the ‘most wanted’ list for movie directors around the world having worked with the greats including Martin Scorsese, Alan J Pakula, Mel Gibson and Terry George. David has had major roles in two films that have won the Best Picture Oscar – Braveheart and The Departed.Other notable movie appearances such as Harry Potter, Some Mother’s Son, Hotel Rwanda and The Devil’s Own have seen him share scenes with (and very often steal scenes from) some of the finest actors working today including Jack Nicholson, Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford, Janeane Garofalo, Brad Pitt, Helen Mirren and Leonardo diCaprio.Though he has appeared many times in TV series such as Gotham, The Tudors and Luther, it is for his movie performances he is most regarded. Most memorable of all is the Irishman Stephen in Mel Gibson’s masterpiece Braveheart where he assured William Wallace of the support of Ireland against the English because of one clear fact. "It's my island".

David O'Hara as James Connolly and Mary Margaret O'Hara as Mary McDermott in The Rising (2016 film)
The Rising is an Irish historical biopic drama film written by Kevin McCann and Colin Broderick, with McCann directing as well, and starring Colin Morgan as Irish freedom fighter and 1916 Easter Rising mastermind Seán Mac Diarmada (also known as Sean McDermott). The Cast includes David O'Hara as James Connolly and Mary Margaret O'Hara as Mary Mac Diarmada / Mary McDermott, the mother of Seán Mac Diarmada.

IMDb: The Rising: 1916 (2016)

In the early 20th Century, a handsome young man leaves a small family farm and becomes the mastermind of a rebellion that changes Ireland forever. Credited cast includes David O'Hara (as James Connolly) and Mary Margaret O'Hara (as Mary McDermott).


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