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Natalie O'Hara German actress of stage, film and TV. Natalie O’Hara was born 17 Dezember 1976 as daughter of a German flautist and an American theologian. She trained at the Stage School of Music, Dance & Drama, Hamburg, studying under Prof. Marianne Bernhardt und Dr. Horst Antlitz.

Natalie O'Hara plays Susanne Dreiseitl in the German Public Service (ZDF) production “Der Bergdoktor”.

Joan O'Hara plays Eunice Phelan in the Irish televistion series ‘Fair City’.

Index of Kevin R. O'Hara's Web Pages includes a link to ‘The Crow's Nest’, the official site of Kevin Reed O'Hara; his occupation: Community Relations Manager/Game Designer/Scriptwriter for PC/Internet games. Kevin was born in Rochester, New York, and graduated from Ithaca College (1990). He now lives on the West Coast. His interests include writing, film production, acting and puppeteering. He has had some minor parts in films and is a member of the Screen Actors Guild.