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Mary O'Hara


About Mary O'Hara
Mary O'Hara (born 12 May 1935) is an Irish soprano and harpist from County Sligo. She achieved fame on both sides of the Atlantic in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Her recordings of that period influenced a generation of Irish female singers who credit O'Hara with influencing their style, among them Carmel Quinn, Mary Black, and Moya Brennan.

Mary O'Hara singing The Spanish Lady (1956)
Mary O'Hara aged 20 singing The Spanish Lady - the first live TV recording of her singing on 18 January 1956.

Carraigdonnn - Mary O'Hara
Mary O'Hara singing Carraigdonnn. The heath was green on Carrigdhoun.

The Quiet Land of Érin - Mary O'Hara
Mary O'Hara singing the Quiet Land of Érin (1983).

Mary O'Hara - Dandling Song & Sally Gardens
Mary O'Hara sings Dandling Song & Sally Gardens and talks of her Sligo origins.

Mary O'Hara - Úna Bhán

Mary O'Hara sings Úna Bhán, a Gaelic love song from c. 1600.

Mary O'Hara - Danny Boy
Mary O'Hara sings Danny Boy, a popular Irish love song (the Derry Air).


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