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Daisy O'Hara Band
Daisy O’Hara enchants with gentle cello sounds, fine piano passages, rhythmic guitar sounds, groovy baselines, sassy accordion sounds, and multifaceted Cajon-beats.

About Daisy O'Hara Band
The about.me website.

The Daisy O'Hara Folk Band
The heyevent.de website: Daisy O Hara is a folk band from Vienna, made up of 5 talented individuals.

The Daisy O'Hara Band
The sra.at website. Band location: Vienna.

Daisy O'Hara - Devils (Official Video)
YouTube video from 2014: "Devils (Remastered)" by Daisy O'Hara.

Daisy O'Hara - Humants (Official Video)
YouTube video from 2015: "Humants" by Daisy O'Hara.

Daisy O'Hara - Home (BalconyTV)
YouTube video from 2014: Daisy O'Hara performs the song "Home" for BalconyTV.

Daisy O'Hara - daisyoharamusic
YouTube Channel.


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