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The O'Haras : Mission XVII (live)
Live performance of the O'Hara Band at Cosmopolite (Antwerp) April 26, 2013.

The O'Haras @ Jamila's funeral
A free tribute concert to our beloved sister Jamila took place at Schilde (Belgium) on June 12th 2010.

The O'Hara's "Tour de France"
O'haras "Stop=Rewind" (2012).

the o'haras dageraadplaats zeezicht may 2nd 2008
The O'Hara band playing on the 2nd of May, Dageraadplaats Antwerp zeezicht.

The O'Hara's
The O'Hara's Band was founded in 1995 in Antwerp (Belgium) by guitarplayer Erwin Dillen and upright bassplayer Steven Wynen. Later also drumplayer Bruno Janssens and trumpet-maniac Bert Jacobs joined the band. Up till today the band still kicks the stages in this line-up.

The Original O'Hara's Band
Photograph of the original band.

Original Belgium page
Older version of this page. Links may be broken!


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