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The Irish Times: Irish Ancestors (O'Hara)O'Hara Surname History O'Hara is a phonetic anglicisation of Ó hEaghra. The family claim descent from Eaghra, lord of Luighne (the modern Leyney) in Co. Sligo, who died in 976 and who was himself, in the traditional genealogies, of the family of Olloil Ollum, king of Munster. The O'Haras remain strongly associated with Co. Sligo, where they were chiefs in two areas, Ó hEaghra Buidhe ("fair") around Collooney, and Ó hEaghra Riabhach ("grey") at Ballyharry, more properly "Ballyhara". In the fourteenth century a branch of the family migrated north to the Glens of Antrim and established themselves in the area around the modern town of Ballymena. There they intermarried with powerful local families and acquired great prominence themselves. Another branch, in Sligo, acquired the title Barons Tyrawley in the early 18th century and acquired very large land-holdings in counties Sligo and Leitrim.
The site includes: O'Hara households by county and parish in the Primary Valuation property survey of 1848-64.

Coopershill House, County Sligoa fine Georgian mansion, which has been home to seven generations of the O’Hara family since it was built in 1774.
Mornington House, Mullingar, Co Westmeathhome to the O’Haras since 1858 and now owned by Anne & Warwick O'Hara. Mornington House is set in an unexplored corner of Westmeath, with its charming landscape of rolling hills, ancient forests and sparkling lakes, Mornington is part of the real hidden Ireland, away from the tourist hordes, yet just 60 miles from Dublin.

 Arthur O'Hara's ‘Information NetWork’Information NetWork Website containing interesting topics and services relating to peoples logical needs from the World Wide Web. Compiled and constructed by Arthur O'Hara. Web design and construction services available.

 O'Hara's Celtic Stout, a product of the Carlow Brewing CompanyThe beers produced are based on traditional Celtic beer styles and use wholesome ingredients (malt, hops, yeast and water) brewed in the natural process. The Brewery has received international recognition for its beer at the Millennium Brewing Industry International Awards when O'Hara's Stout was judged to be the Worlds Number 1 Stout.

O'Haras of Foxford, County Mayo, Ireland's Premier BakeryIn 1951 Michael and Maureen O'Hara started their family bakery in Foxford Co. Mayo. The kneading of quality ingredients and technological know-how has resulted in a well-balanced product range of over 100 confectioneries and some 40 breads - from premium white and brown, wheatgerm and morning goods to the award-winning buttermilk soda bread.

 Dan O'Hara Homestead & Pre-famine Farm , County Galwayis built on the original site of the home of Dan from Connemara renowned in the popular ballad all over the world. Dan O Hara lived with his wife and seven children in a cottage shadowed by the Twelve Bens. The family were self sufficient on 8 acres of land and lived a simple but happy lifestyle. The main part of the farm was given over to the potato crop and they kept a variety of animals on the farm. 

County Mayo: An Outline History by Bernard O'Hara and Nollaig ÓMuraílecovers the following periods in the county's history: Prehistory, Early Christian Period, Mayo of the Saxons, Vikings, The Normans, The New Abbeys and Friaries, The Lordship of MacWilliam Eighter, Cromwellian Settlement, Eighteenth Century, The Year of the French, The Great Famine, The Land War, Independence and Mayo since Independence.
Maureen O'Hara Premier Wine Training.

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