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Northern Ireland


Ulster Ancestry: O'Hara This name is equally common in Ulster, Leinster and Connacht, its main centres being Dublin, Co. Sligo and Co. Antrim. The name is in Gaelic Ó hEaghra and the family was originally of Co. Sligo, descendants of one Eaghra, pronounced 'ara', a chief of Leyny in that county.
In the fourteenth century a branch migrated to the Glens of Antrim and settled at Crebilly near Ballymena. Here it became an important sept and entered into several marriages and alliances with the great families of Antrim. In the mid-nineteenth century O'Haras were still found concentrated in the barony of Lower Glenarm.
At the beginning of the twentieth century the name was being used interchangeably with Haren in several parts of Co. Fermanagh and so some at least of the O'Haras of that county will be originally O'Harens, Gaelic Ó hÁráín. The O'Harens were erenaghs of Ballymactaggart.

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