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Here are all the "Greetings" messages in our database:


15. My name is mitchell O'Hara and my grandma is gerry O'Hara.
by  Mitchell O'Hara

16. i am an o'hara from birmingham,england, but i was born in killkenny and have lots of family in mayo. its good to no that theres a lot of good people walking around with the same name as me!! farewell my fellow o'haras liam o'hara.
by  liam o'hara

21. Great to see so many O'Hara's looking for their roots, if I can be of any help please feel free to contact me. I know quite a lot about the clan and its different branches It is interesting to note that there are more O'Hara's scattered around the world than there are at home here in Ireland.
by  Desmond O'Hara

27. Slan abhaile to all !
As an O'Hara living here in Ireland I decided to give ye all a shout and say how happy i am to see more O'Haras out there. I will get my familly up on the site as soon as i get it built, So slan abhaile to all and good luck,
Sean O'Hara
PS As you probably know ohara is one of the most popular names in Japan!!!
by  Sean O'Hara

45. im just sighning it because im an o'hara.
by  matthew ryan o'hara

58. Nice site. Thanks!
by  Toni O'Connor

60. hey this site is kool i did'nt no there were so many o haras in the world.
by  Emmett o hara

67. I think your page rocks because my last name is O'Hara as well. Contact me if want to know more about my family and I. O'Hara's RULE!!!, Cullen O'Hara.
by  Cullen

70. Hi to all O'Haras all around the world from Abbeyleix, Ireland
by  Gerry O'Hara

73. Hello from the northwest of the US (Hayden, Idaho). Discovered this website by serendipitous accident and am really enjoying it. Looking forward to sharing this with my children and meeting other O'Haras.
by  Kathryn O'Hara

75. Hello,I was really pleased to see that there are so many O'Haras EVERYWHERE!! My father came from County Sligo
Tracey O'Hara (England)
by  Tracey O'Hara

81. To: James G. O'Hara
Christmas Greetings from the O'Hara Family, Leixlip, Co. Kildare, Ireland.
Dear family and friends,
Rena, Arthur, Joanne, Arthur Jnr., Karen and Kathryn would like to wish you the Peace, Happiness and Joys of Christmas.
We hope that 2003 will bring you all that is good and all that you desire.
by  Arthur O'Hara

82. Hello to O'Haras everywhere !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by  Erin (O'Hara) McLemore

86. hello to all O'Haras, sure are a lot of us spread to many corners of the world . still trying to find a conection to other O'Haras from Glasgow.
by  Brian G. O'Hara

90. Hello my name is Gord O'Hara from Orangeville, Ontario and I would like to say hi to all the O'Hara's around the world and especially to my brother Patrick in Red Deer, Alberta.
by  Gord O'Hara

92. Dear,
Subject: O'Hara: the reckoning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My name is Ryan O'Hara, and I am from Boston Ma, but I now live in East Hampstead, NH..... 4 score and seven years ago my four fathers brought to this nation concieved with liberity the pride of O'Hara's everywhere.......... I have been convinced through yopur protesticsion, that the profilels of all O"Hara should be aware every where.... here is my poem to my pride!!!!!! I will return Nuzgel.this is for Zephyr!!!
Ryan O'Hara
Webmaster's comment
You're a great poet Ryan. I really appreciate your poetic licence !
by  Ryan O'Hara

93. HELLO from Askov Minnesota. Born in Omaha Nebraska 6/24/46.
by  James Patrick O'Hara

94. Hello O'Hara I am just surfing trying to find info for my tree. Good to see so many out there, Our name was O'Harrah and changed to O'Hara. fron PA to FL.
by  Charlene O'Hara Ivey

99. Hi to all O'Hara's in the world.
by  Sean Michael O'Hara

101. Wow I had no idea there are so many O'Hara's everywhere. I changed my last name to O'Hara, I think it is the most beautiful surname in the world. There should be an O'Hara convention or something ;)
by  Annabelle O'Hara

108. Hello to all. It is so good to see so many O'Haras out there! Joe O'Hara and Family, Reading, Pennsylvania.
by  Joe O'Hara

110. That's cool. I never thought of putting anything like that in my shared folder... Keep on the good work.
by  franckbe

111. What a wonderful site for the "Mad O'Hara's" to peruse....
by  Pat O'Hara

113. I never Knew we had our own web site and that there is so many of us. I'm in NJ my parents are from leitrim. Anyway keep up the good work with the site.
by  Christopher O'Hara

115. Greeting from Ireland, from Volker Bialas, Munich, Germany
Postcard: O'Hara, Traditional pub in Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny
(Postcard © Real Ireland Design Limited; Photography © Liam Blake)
by  Volker Bialas

117. hello out there, I am delighted to be here but, please keep off for me because, I am here already oooooooooooo Chris Ohara Mugu Man reading: Lagos Nigeria. keep it up my good brothers because, I will surely make it in Jesus name Have faith always & always believe in your self.
by  Chris Ohara Mugu Man

118. Hello to all the O'Haras out there from Robert O'Hara, Canada, B.C.
by  Robert O'Hara


121. hi my name is jennie ohara ilive with my husband patrick (pj) in the galway area and would like to hear of any more oharas living in birmingham england.
by  jennie ohara

126. Dear O'Hara's,
I am wondering if there are any O'Hara family gatherings being organised at the moment, and if so where and when?
I would also like to suggest the idea of organising an O'Hara family gathering in Ireland. Would people be interested in attending and/or participating in this?
I come from County Carlow in Ireland and myself and my brother, Seamus O'Hara, run a small brewery there. Our main product is of course, O'Hara's Celtic Stout (
My idea for a family gathering is to get as many O'Hara's together as possible and to celebrate the skills and contributios of O'Hara to the world. This could include O'Hara art exhibitions, literary events, business seminars, political debates, food fairs, etc..
If anyone thinks this is a good idea, and is interested in discussing it further please let me know. Obviously I would hope that our brewery would get some publicity from this (I am an O'Hara after all!).
Eamon O'Hara.
Webmaster's comment: Check out also O'Hara products and brand names ( at this site.
by  Eamon O'Hara

129. Hey OHara's, I kind of stumbled across this website. Totally cool. I am a 31 year old living in New York City. Shout out to all the O'Haras across the world.
by  Chris O'Hara

130. Good Day all O'Hara's...
Best wishes to all from Ipswich Massachusetts - on the Atlantic Coast...On a clear day I think I can see the green hills of Ireland as I look east over the Atlantic!
by  Mark O'Hara

137. Hello Everyone!
I was born in Dublin, Ireland but currently live in Oakville, Ontario Canada. I have lived all over the world with my husband's job & am thrilled to find this website.
by  Deborah (O'Hara) Matteazzi

139. HEY OHARAS!!!! I didn't realise that there were so many of us. I actually stumbled on this sight be accident and it is GREAT. Way to show some OHARA pride. Keep up the good work!!!
Meagan O'Hara, Chicago, Illinois
by  Meagan O'Hara

by  Mugu O'Hara

142. listen mate i dunno who you are apart from that you are o'hara, and consequently, that happens to be my name! YES mine! If you do not want to go home in an ambulance change your name and delete this website so the REAL oharas can make their own on the address. GRRRRR! - kiddin hi!
by  mr muffin man ohara

150. O'Hara Rulz!!
Just wanted to say hello to all of those other O'Hara's in the world!! Have a great day!
by  Aubrey O'Hara

151. Good-looking site. Congratulations.
by  James (New York)

159. I Love This Site I Dey Here.
by  Maga

160. Hey you O'Hara's!! Good job!! Love seein' all of us here. Huggs Lerin.
by  Lerin Keeliey O'Hara

169. I'm Sean O'Hara and was born in 1980 in PA. I'm doing research into my family history and my grandmother has a picture of the crest in her bedroom. I Hope to soon uncover my family Ancestory. Good luck to all of you. This site is fantastic.
by  Sean D. O'Hara

170. Hello I have done some research and I have uncovered that all of us O'Hara's are family – well long long lost family. I'm Canadian and Irish.
by  ‘O'Hara’

176. Hello Phil O'Hara down here in Glassboro, NJ.
by  Philip O'Hara

184. Hi to all You O'HARAS. A truly exceptional and interesting site. Did not realise there where so many O'HARA'S. I'am one, born in Madras India, supposedly descendant from the O'Hara, who was killed by a lion in the book on Zarvo.
by  Maurice Peter O'Hara

190. Hey im writing this message hoping to learn more about my last name and what it means. All O'Hara's with helpful info email me at
by  Nathan L. O'Hara

192. Merry Christmas 2004. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Christmas card from Arthur, Rena, Joanne, Arthur Jnr., Karen & Kathryn O'Hara
by  Arthur O'Hara

202. Wonderfull site. You're providing usefull info to the world. Thank you. Keit
by  Keit Marrow

209. Wow,
I didnt know there were that many O'Hara's out there!!! I'm 13 yrs old and i was bored, so i went to and typed in my last name, and sure enough there was a website about all the O'Haras in the world!!!
by  Thomas O'Hara

212. What a great site ! I married an O'Hara (a sweet talented guitarist in Texas) and am very interested in and proud to wear the name. My maiden name is Irish too. I would love to see the beautiful Ireland one day. Good luck and love to all O'Haras everywhere!
by  Sarah

213. Hi I am an O'Hara too!!! wow. I'm from northern idaho, usa. I have relatives mostly out of California. If you guys want to keep in touch you can count on me for family.
by  Linda O'Hara

214. O'Hara Clan, Late Summer 2005 get-together in Wildwood, NJ
Any O'Haras interested in a huge get-together this September in Wildwood, New Jersey for Irish Weekend which will be held September 23,24,25 ? I thought it would be great for anyone that has the last name O'Hara should meet the rest of the Clan! I'm sure we could take over one of many Irish pubs in Wildwood. If Interested please e-mail me. I will send more info, If I get enough interest, we could make it happen.I think it would be great for all O'Haras to get together in Wildwood,New Jersey To meet up for Irish Weekend. I have attended Irish weekend for the past 10 years and Now I can attend with my Young Son!!
Bill O'Hara
by  Bill O'Hara

218. Hi to all; I m FRom SInGaPore ..17yrs old. and proud to be an O'HARA.
by  Ryan Kelly O'Hara

220. Greetings to all of you from Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Love the page
As I was reading through the guestbook I was struck by how many of you fine people there are, but that there could never be too many of us.
Great work James, keep it up,
Patrick Barrett O'Hara
by  Patrick Barrett O'Hara

222. Hi from North County, San Diego, CA. I was born and raised in Mesa, AZ, the son of John and Ellen O'Hara. I have O'Hara relatives in AZ, MI, OH. My brother Michael O'Hara also lives here in San Diego. Ra Ra!.
by  Thomas C. O'Hara

223. Greeting from the Philippines to all the O'Haras
Finally, We already have our own website were we can check out are family members. Hope we could maintain this and Thank you very much to the person who developed this kind of communication system for all the O'Hara. Guys, hope we could set a Family Gathering were we can meet and know each other. Its nice to have Friends, specially within the O'Hara Circle. Guys, lets keep this site and let us treasure it.
Thanks !
Brian Joseph O'Hara (Philippines)
by  Brian Joseph O'Hara

224. My name is Terry O'Hora, of the O'Hora family from Pennsylvania. Changed our name from O'Hara about 200 years ago in Ireland. Any relatives out there?!?
by  Terry O'Hora

239. Hello frm the United Arab Emerates!
Hello Everyone! What a pleasure to discover so many O'Hara's! Although born in Lancashire, UK, I have spent the last 30 years travelling around the world teaching English...and have never actually bumped into any dear namesakes, but it's lovely to know that you are there...somewhere! I'm currently living in Sharjah, near Dubai in the UAE. Not many O'Hara's here I suspect! I would love to hear from other O'Hara's.
All the best to you all
Wendy O'Hara
by  Wendy O'Hara

240. this is a great resource. helped me with a geneology project.
by  Bush

244. JUST HELLO. I am Karen O'Hara born in New Orleans, Louisiana.
by  Karen O'Hara

253. Hello there from Seoul, South Korea
hi my name is brayan, well where should i start, i was born in peru may 14th 1983, my grandpa came there from ireland in 1942, his name was thomas o'hara mcpherson, well i live now in south korea, seoul, well i don't know what to say, yeah, i'm delighted to find a web page about our last name, well this might sound absurd, but i'm really happy to find this page, well, good luck to all of you guys, and god bless you all, chau
Brayan O'Hara Lopez
by  Brayan O'Hara Lopez

256. A howdy ya'll from Georgia
Sending all the O'Haras a howdy ya'll from Georgia. Myself not being form here it is nice to see that there are O'Hara spread everywhere, a touch of family in every backyard.
Tracy O'Hara.
by  Tracy O'Hara

258. Hello fellow O'Hara family members. I too am an O'Hara and Canadian. I live in southwestern Ontario.
by  Bev Bailey

260. A hearty hello from the South Buffalo, NY O'Hara's....Vincent, Kerry, Ava, Vivienne. Does anybody know the official O'Hora/O'Hara connection? Name butchered at Ellis Island or two variations of the same clan name?
by  Vince O'Hara

266. a very interesting site.
by  patricia young nee ohara u.k

267. I am also an O'Hara and I would be very interested in speaking with other people from around the world.
by  Kristin O'Hara

270. i'm also another o'hara and i will love to meet and to know more about my lastname and maybe i said maybe, yeah sure why not to find family around the world who knows? so anytime at
by  Brayan O'Hara Lopez

275. Erir PA. Hello everyone.
by  Joseph P O'Hara

276. WOW!!
Lots of O'Haras out there! I'd like too say HELLO to ALL the O'Hara's Families.
My name is Quinn M. O'Hara. I live in West Covina CA, Southern California. I am 27 yrs of age, with 1 son Cody Tyler O'Hara, 2 1/2 yrs of age.
Quinn M. O'Hara
by  Quinn M. O'Hara

280. I did not know that there were so many of us over here. Hello to all fellow O'Hara's out there.
by  Ernest John O'Hara

282. O'Hara's of the world gather and take control, we're unstoppable. One, most of us are Irish, two we're numerous, and three we're O'Haras.....
James Ryan O'Hara, St. Cloud Mn.
by  James Ryan O'Hara

289. Christmas Holiday Wishes from the O'Hara's of Leixlip, Kildare, Ireland
Christmas card
From: Rena, Arthur, Joanne, Arthur Jnr., Karen and Kathryn
by  Arthur O'Hara

293. just to wish all the oharas worldwide a happy new year HEALTH WEALTH AND HAPPINESS TO YOU ALL.
by  Sandy O'Hara

298. The family motto “Virtute et Claritate”
I read some messages about the family motto on this site. The motto, or at least one of them I believe is "Virtute et Claritate". I do not know latin, but to me the literal translation is "With Virtue and Clarity". An English translation that I read on another site is "To be, not to pretend", or "Not to seem, but to be".
It would be good to have some agreement on the correct English version of it. I have taken Claritas to mean just that, clarity, or truthfulness, or honesty. Noble words indeed, but would they work today? My contribution for what it may be worth is "With Courage and Honesty".
Best wishes cousins,
Brian O'Hara
Wellington, New Zealand
by  Brian O'Hara

302. May God bless you & yours, Jerry...
by  Gerald Patrick O'Hara Jr.

303. ad multos annos! Father (1956-2006) O'Hara (1929-2017)
Fifty years ago today (February 2, 1956) that is one half of a century and a whole different world away at twenty-six years of age I lay prostrate in the Sanctuary of the Holy Name Church West Roxbury and was consecrated a priest of God one of seventy young men who began their journey of faith on that snowy day.
May His Blessing be upon them all, Amen
Father Frank Photographs: 1956, 2006
Obituary: Father Francis O'Hara (June 5, 1929 - March 27, 2017)
by  Rev. Francis A. O'Hara

312. NEWSFLASH! As I sit here and read all about my fellow O'Hara's I realise that some of ye think your ancestors come from Sligo. Well to put you all out of your misery you are right! O'Hara IS originally from Sligo. So if your going to trace your family tree my best bet would be to start there! I am from the Sunny South East - WEXFORD! Good luck in tracing all those rellies!
by  Fiona O'Hara

319. Hello to all O'Hara around the world from Québec in Canada !
by  Élise O'Hara

326. Hi from Queensland originaly from Melbourne father Cliff born in Melbourne have traced back another 4 generations including James, John and Joseph O'Hara from Ireland happy to swap family history. G Day from OZ
by  Glenn Raymond O'Hara

327. Hi to all; I am Christopher Richard O'Hora Living in Perth Western Australia. great to be part of one big family. "may you be in heaven 10 minutes before the devil knows your dead" god bless Regards "The Camel Whisperer".
by  Christopher Richard O'Hora

340. I am from Ballaghaderreen in Roscommon. I came to Springfield MA in 2000. Good to see all the O'Haras on the web.
by  Gavin Patrick O'Hara

350. Des Moines, IA. Hello all.
by  Kenyon O'Hara

397. Just to say Hi ! I'm Hazel O'Hara. I was born in burnley lancashire england. I didnt relise they was so many O'Haras in the world. Nice to know there is though.
by  Hazel O'Hara

Hello. I am from Boston, Massachusetts and just wanted to say hello to all my brothers and sisters who carry the given name of O'Hara, god bless to all.
by  Stecven O'Hara

404. Greetings all! Michael Scott O'Hara from BC Canada here. Son of James Milton O'Hara (born September 1929 in Calgary AB). Great site!
by  Michael Scott O'Hara

405. Hi everyone I just want to add my name into this fantastic guest book. A big hello for the "West Midlands" England.
by  Ian David O'Hara

406. heyy O'Hara's, hello from Victoria, Canada. thought i'd sign this lovely lovely guestbook. hopefully i'll get the chance to meet some of you someday, maybe on a random day the next time im in Ireland. byeee xx
by  Karyn O'Hara

434. Hi all. Just Sayiing Hello for all the O'Haras in Sault Ste. Marie, ON Canada
by  Timothy Charles O'Hara

486. We wish you and yours a Merry and Joyous Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, Peaceful and Prosperous 2009.
Christmas Card
From: Rena, Arthur, Joanne, Arthur Jnr., Karen and Kathryn O'Hara
by  Arthur O'Hara

499. Greetings Clan! I had found this site some time ago but had forgotten about it (whoops) Its still good. Best wishes to all, Chris.
by  Chris O'Hara (4)

533. Hi, im liam and i can't believe how many people know of this site. I found it a few years back but i never made an entry, but i am now. I was canadian born but have pretty much a full Irish background. I've been to ireland and i just loved it. When its time i'll for sure move there. So to all the O'Hara's i wish you the best.
by  Liam James O'Hara

537. This site is really cool, i always wanted to know the history of my last name and how many people had it in America. I hope more people get on the this site.
by  Thomas O'Hara (2)

542. I was looking for some family history and I found this and it is very interesting. Thank you.
by  Eoan O'Hara Mays

553. Christmas Holiday Wishes from the O'Haras of Leixlip, County Kildare
by  Arthur O'Hara

662. Christmas Holiday Wishes from the O'Haras of Leixlip, Co. Kildare, Ireland.
by  Arthur O'Hara

714. Just wanted to say hi to everyone, never knew there are so many of us O'Hara's out there.
by  Anne O'Hara

770. Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig! from Clan O'Hara of Sligo/Toronto. ...17/3/16... (Attached pdf-file).
by  Andrew Hunter


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