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Thomas M. O’Hara: Attorney with McDowell, Knight, Roedder & Sledge, LLC

With extensive experience in complex, multiparty litigation across several areas of the law, Mr. O’Hara has established a track record of success on behalf of his clients. Having handled a multitude of cases in both state and federal court, he combines his broad experience with thorough legal knowledge and a deep personal commitment to each case, resulting in the achievement of client goals and favorable outcomes.

Travel Advisor Virginia O’Hara

Virginia O’Hara has over 13 years experience in client and customer service working in the nonprofit, investment management and hospitality sectors. Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, Virginia left the area when she was 15 ... Virginia’s passion for travel – personal and professional – coupled with her background in luxury travel, spa and wellness, and her innovative and creative ideas makes her travel itineraries one-of-a-kind memorable experiences for her clients. Virginia and her husband, Dan O’Hara, are excited to be back in her hometown, Birmingham, where almost all of her family resides.

Theodore O'Hara

Poet and journalist Theodore O'Hara (1820-1867) is best known as the author of the poem "The Bivouac of the Dead". O'Hara died June 6, 1867 in Guerrytown, Alabama.

Danville native Theodore O'Hara
Theodore O'Hara was a Civil War veteran and poet who wrote the famous poem "The Bivouac of the Dead." Today, O'Hara's poem is inscribed on monuments across the nation, including the gates of Arlington National Cemetery.


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