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Jean O'Hara

Jean O'Hara was a famed prostitute Prostitution in Honolulu's "vice district" during World War II. Miss O'Hara violated the so-called "10 commandments" (for prostitutes) and demanded to own choice real estate. This landed her in jail for a period. O'Hara made a fortune by openly flaunting the "rules" and helped force a head with the police which insisted on turning the Vice district over to the military whom had intervened on the side of striking prostitutes. This gave them special protection from prosecution. After martial law ended in 1944, O'Hara's "My Life as a Honolulu Prostitute" was the straw that broke the camel's back and shut down the brothels completely. This Free Dictionary article was derived from an article on Wikipedia.org.

Jean O'Hara (1913–1973)
Born Betty Jean O'Hara in Chicago, Illinois, she was the only child of strict Catholic parents. Her father was a medical doctor.

Artivle: Honolulu Harlots
Text: "... in 1944 she [Jean O'Hara] published a popular book entitled My Life As a Honolulu Prostitute (later republished as Honolulu Harlot) ...".

Calista Jones Blog: Jean O'Hara
Text: " ... During the war, women from the mainland headed out to Hawaii specifically to become sex workers. Jean O'Hara was one of these women. She came from Chicago and was the daughter of a doctor. The brothels in Honolulu did exist before the war, however, they grew and thrived with all the soldiers coming to port ...".

Discover Hawaii:  Hawaii's Chinatown
Text: "... no “lady of the night” was better known than Jean O'Hara, a woman who changed a city ...". 

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