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Frank O'Hara, Vice President Planning Decisions, Inc.

PDI Vice President Frank O'Hara specializes in strategic planning, community and economic development, labor policy, and public communication. Frank has worked as a planner and policy advisor at the local, regional and state levels. He was a speechwriter and special assistant for the Governor of Maine and has written an award-winning biweekly column for the Maine Times. Frank is a faculty member at the Muskie School of Public Policy at the University of Southern Maine and has published dozens of handbooks, studies, pamphlets, and strategic plans. 

Eastern Fisheries (O'Hara Corporation)

Founded in 1907 by Frank O’Hara, the O’Hara Corporation established itself in the fishing industry by owning and operating fishing boats and buying and selling fish in the Boston area. Over the course of the early to mid 1900s, O’Hara Corp. spread from Boston into the Maine towns of Portland, Eastport, and Rockland, eventually establishing its headquarters in Rockland. 

O'Hara Bait (O'Hara Corporation)

O’Hara Lobster Bait has been supplying bait to the coast of Maine for over 65 years. Operating a full indoor processing facility and over 20,000 square feet of freezer storage, we try to always keep you supplied with bait. Location: Front Street Rockland, ME. 

Journey's End Marina in Maine (O'Hara Corporation)

The scenic bays, rocky peninsulas and off-shore islands form a wonderful backdrop to mid-coast Maine’s Journey’s End Marina. Located at the heart of Rockland Maine, Journey’s End provides outlets north and south allowing boaters to experience Maine’s scenic coastline. 

Pedro O'Hara's Irish Pub & Mexican Cantina

Pedro O'Hara was born in Tabasco, Mexico, the son of a noted Irish chef, who, during the Great Irish Potato famine of 1847, immigrated to Mexico to escape the lack of fresh ingredients for his now famous stews and entrees. Pedro O'Hara's has two locations in Maine: Brunswick & Lewiston.


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