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O'Hara's Irish Pub

The pub is located at the intersection of Belair Road and Kenwood Avenue, Baltimore, MD. 

'Lunch Poems' by Baltimore-born Frank O'Hara turns 50

O’Hara himself was born in Baltimore on March 27, 1926 at Maryland General Hospital, though his parents always held that he had been born in June to prevent him from finding out he was conceived before they were officially married ... O’Hara touches on his early days in Baltimore as he reflects on his own birth:

“In Baltimore you think of hats and shoes,
like Daddy did I hardly ever think of June 27, 1926
when I came moaning into my mother’s world
and tried to make it mine immediately
by screaming, sucking, urinating
and carrying on generally
it was quite a day.”

Claudia M. O'Hara

Claudia was born in Lima, Peru where she lived for four years before living in Rio De Janeiro, Brasil, for ten years. She attended Our Lady of Mercy School in Rio and Newton College in Lima Peru. Came to the US to attend Western Maryland College, in Westminster, Maryland, now McDaniel College, in 1989. Got a Business Administration Major. Her husband is Bill O'Hara and they have four children ... Claudia has been in the Real Estate business since 2004.

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