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Artist: Betsy O'Hara O'Hara's awards, corporate collections and contact information at Kansas City, MO

James Loyd O'Hara (1946-1969) (SGT/Army) Warsaw, MO. Web site of the National Veterans Organization of America.

James Loyd O'Hara (1946-1969) is honored on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on Panel 21W, Row 77.

Doris O'Hara Disabled by polyarthritis since 1972, took up gardening but changed the way she gardens and the tools she uses. Copyright © 1999, Missouri Arthritis Rehabilitation Research and Training Center.

Archbishop Edwin Vincent O'Hara Archbishop O'Hara's parents emigrated from Ireland during the potato famine and moved to Minnesota, settling near Lanesboro. Edwin O'Hara attended St. Paul's Seminary School in Minnesota before moving to Oregon City. He became the Bishop of Great Falls, Montana and later the Archbishop of Kansas City, Missouri.

Arch Bishop O'Hara High School Location: 9001 James A. Reed Road Kansas City, Mo.

Stephen O'Hara joins the board of directors of Angelica Corp. Breaking news of August 31, 2000. O'Hara, has headed St. Louis-based Rawlings Sporting Goods Inc. since 1998, and has an extensive marketing background.

Mary O'Hara was appointed (February 1999 )Vice President and Chief Contracting Officer for CENTENE Corporation; with Headquartered in St. Louis, MO, CENTENE Corporation specializes in providing services for government-supported health care programs. From 1990 to 1997, O'Hara was the Director of Managed Care for Virginia Mason Medical Center, an integrated delivery system, in Seattle, Washington, and she was the Director of Planning and Researcher for Physicians Health Plan in Minnesota from 1984-1989.