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James Paul "Jamie" O'Hara

James Paul "Jamie" O'Hara (born August 8, 1950 in Toledo, Ohio) is an American country music artist. 

Your family dentist in Kettering, OH: Dr. O'Hara

Dr O'Hara and staff understand that knowing what to expect can help make any dental appointment more pleasant for you and your family. 

Dr. Janet O'Hara, MD

Dr. O'Hara specializes in Internal Medicine. Location: Chardon, OH. 

Kidslink: Lauren Kelly O’Hara, PhD

Lauren Kelly O’Hara, PhD is a licensed clinical child psychologist with a subspecialty in the area of pediatric psychology, a field dedicated to addressing the emotional, social, and cognitive functioning of youth in the context of promoting health and managing a medical illness. Location: Dr. O’Hara has joined KidsLink Neurobehavioral Center to serve the communities of Northeast Ohio where she lives. 

Joseph W. O'Hara (1863-1938)

Joseph William O'Hara (August 2, 1863 – September 20, 1938) was a lawyer from Cincinnati, Ohio, United States and an Associate Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court in 1912. 

Joseph William O’Hara: 76th Justice of the Supreme Court of Ohio

Joseph William O’Hara (b. Aug. 2, 1863, d. Sept. 20, 1938) was appointed to the Supreme Court of Ohio and served for nine months: Term April 17, 1912 to Jan. 1, 1913. 

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