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Rhode Island


Artist Jane O'Hara

Location: Little Compton, RI. Artist statement: "Animals have been my subjects and served as my muse for many years. For me, they are spiritual beings—wise, playful, benevolent, and full of integrity".

Walter Edmund O'Hara (April 20, 1897 – February 28, 1941)
was an American horse racing executive who was the first President and Managing Director of the Narragansett Racing Association, which owned and operated Narragansett Park, a thoroughbred horse track in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

President and Managing Director of the Narragansett Racing Association Walter E. O'Hara
Narragansett Park opened on August 1, 1934 with Walter O'Hara became the President and Managing Director of the the Narragansett Racing Association ... In 1937 O'Hara got into a heated situation with Rhode Island Governor Robert Quinn. Mr. O’Hara owed the government income tax money to the sum of $30,000 and also used his paper the Star-Tribune to instigate situations between himself and Governor Quinn. His paper went bankrupt and was sold and it was demanded he be removed from his position as President and Managing Director. 300 Rhode Island Militiamen arrived at the park under Gov. Quinn’s orders while Mr. O’Hara was up in his penthouse above the clubhouse. The track did not have any races during the Fall of 1937. Mr. O’Hara was removed as President and Managing Director in February of 1938. He died in a car accident in Taunton, Massachusetts in 1941.

Photograph of Walter O'Hara on September 11, 1937
Walter E. O'Hara, head of Narragansett, victorious in fight with Rhode Island Governor Quinn (September 11, 1937).

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