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South Carolina


Liam O'Hara

Associate Professor, Clemson University College of Business and Behavioral Science, Clemson, South Carolina.

O’Hara & Flynn Wine Bar

O’Hara & Flynn is the perfect place to escape the hectic life – you will feel like being on holiday in Paris, Rome or Berlin… Our sophisticated interior is dimly lit and offers a truly relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. You are surrounded by a “library” of wine and whimsical artwork. Location: Charleston, SC.

Scarlett O'Hara and Her Literary Daughters
Book title: A Study of Scarletts. Scarlett O'Hara and Her Literary Daughters, by Margaret D. Bauer A revealing look at Margaret Mitchell's iconic character, transformed from book to film and inspiring a host of literary offspring. Publication: The University of South Carolina Press, 2013.

O'Hara's Century House Inn
An old hotel restored with antique furnishings, private baths, and cable vision. Location: Mullins, SC.


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