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Choreographer and professor of dance Shane O'Hara

Shane O’Hara has shared his art with audiences throughout the United States and the world including concerts in Lisbon, Athens, Krakow, Rio de Janeiro, Chengdu, China, New York, and Washington, D.C. His location: Harrisonburg, VA.

O'Hara Law Firm, PLC

O'Hara Law Firm, PLC is located in Falls Church, Virginia, and serves clients throughout the state. 

Partner Sara Towery O'Hara

Sara Towery O'Hara has been a partner with O’Hara Law Firm, PLC since its formation in October 2002. 

Partner Charles J. O'Hara

Charley O’Hara is a partner with O’Hara Law Firm, PLC, focusing on residential and commercial real estate development and civil litigation in Virginia and the District of Columbia.

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