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Pony book author Mary O’Hara (1885 - 1980)
Mary O’Hara was born in 1885 in New Jersey. She travelled widely in Europe with her grandmother, studied harmony and composition in London and went to an English boarding school in Italy. After her first marriage, she moved to California, where she became a screen-writer, and had a son and a daughter. Her daughter sadly died young of cancer. Mary married again in 1922, and this time moved to Wyoming. It was here that she wrote her ranch novels: My Friend Flicka, The Green Grass of Wyoming and Thunderhead

Wyoming PBS: Mary O'Hara wrote My Friend Flika
Mary O'Hara wrote "My Friend Flika", and garnered international acclaim for her books about the people and horses that lived on a Wyoming Ranch. She was an accomplished musician who composed all of the music that you will hear in the program. But O'Hara was first, and always, a writer. Enjoy the unexpected treasure in that Wyoming Ranch - You can view "She Wrote My Friend Flika" at this web address.

1948 Green Grass of Wyoming
Big harness race scene from the 1948 western drama film of this name by Mary O'Hara.

The Redhead From Wyoming: Maureen O'Hara (1952)
In Wyoming Territory, a range war is brewing between entrenched cattle barons and new settlers. Maureen O'Hara plays saloon queen Kate Maxwell.

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