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Historical maps (1655-1658): The Down Survey of Ireland
The Down Survey: William Petty's General Map of Ireland (1655-58). Select County, Barony, Parish or the whole Island.

Interactive European language map
How do words change as we travel across the European continent?. The creator of this interactive James Trimble was inspired by a series of maps showing the etymological links and differences between countries. Type any word into the search box and see if it shows shared linguistic heritage or not.

European word translator
Enter one or two lower-case English words to see translations from Google Translate. Examples: Book = Leabhar (Irish) & The Book of O'Hara = Leabhar Í Eadhra; Wedding = bainise (Irish) & Peggy O'Hara's Wedding = Bainis Pheigí Ni Eághra.

America's Source of Immigrants 1850 – 2013: Ireland, Germany, Italy, Mexico
From Ireland to Germany to Italy to Mexico: How America’s Source of Immigrants Has Changed in the States, 1850 – 2013. Interactive maps from the Pew Research Center, Washington, D.C.

From Ireland to the US: a brief migration history

Interactive map charts changes in Irish migration to and around the US from 1850-present. Irish Times article, October 29, 2015.


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