Charles O'Hara Esq. (1715-1776)
as listed in: «Review of the House of Commons», 1774

The «Review of the House of Commons» was first published by an anonymous political commentator in the « Freeman's Journal» in 1774. This review has now been edited by James Kelly and republished in «Eighteenth-Century Ireland - Iris an dá chultúr», Volume 19 (2004), pp. 163-210. (Link). The members are listed in four parts: Knights of the Shire, Citizens, Burgesses, University of Dublin. Under burgesses there are listed 193 names; number 137 (page 198)  is Charles O'Hara. The full entry is as follows:

137. Charles O'Hara, Esq. [(1715-1776), Armagh]: a Pensioner [and] a Commissioner of Accounts and Stamps; voted for the new commissions in which he was included; for Pensions, Stamps, Altered Money bills, every scheme in favour of Popery, and every Address of Thanks for every court measure.

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