James O'Hara's Detonators


Photo of James O'Hara

The Detonators are named after their explosive live performances. Their music is an enthusiastic and refreshing melting pot of Blues, R&B, Swing and Funk. This unique band features the great talent of James O'Hara, whose guitar playing, showmanship and voice have earned him enormous respect throughout the Blues scene.

Born 1970 in Yorkshire, England, James O'Hara formed his own Blues band "The Detonators" in 1992.


Gail O'Hara Photographress (gailohara.com)


Photo of Gail O'Hara


Born in Washington, D.C., Gail O'Hara cofounded Chickfactor Magazine in 1992 and has since become a prolific portraitist ... Gail's photos have appeared in Chickfactor, the New York Times, the Times Sunday Magazine (London), the Washington Post, Time Out, Time Out New York, the Washington City Paper, and many more.


Shannon O'Hara's Irish Haven


Photo by Shannon O'Hara

Originally from Mississippi, Shannon O'Hara worked as a professional ballet dancer with the Houston Ballet. In New York he studied at the International Center of Photography and the School of Visual Arts and assisted some of the top photographers in New York. He specializes in food and product photography. His personal work is an example of how his style and vision can be applied to advertising, editorial or corporate assignment.

This photograph from Shannon's Irish Haven (Brooklyn) series.

John O'Hara's Study at Penn State


Photo of John O'Hara

The reconstructed study of novelist, playwright, and columnist John O'Hara (1905-1970) is virtually an O'Hara museum, with memorabilia from every stage of his life. It contains O'Hara's National Book Award, His Gold Medal for the Novel, and a whole series of certificates recognizing his achievements in theater and film.


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Susan Starrett Pinto: my great great great great great grandfather Henry O'Hara came to Maryland from Ireland in the early 1700s May 23, 2012
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