(Received February 8, 2002)

Dear James,

I'm sending you this information about the Sons of John and Margaret O'Hara. It has Genealogical Value, since it includes their birth and death information as well as the names of their wives and their children. Many thanks for your help with these projects.

Best wishes,

Father Frank


Part II: The Sons of John and Margaret O'Hara

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sons of John&Margaret O'Hara


PS. It might be of interest for you to know that only one of the children of the nine sons [and consequently, only one Grandchild of John and Margaret] is still living. He is my Uncle and my Godfather, my father's brother, son of the 8th one in the list [William Francis]. His name is Edmund O'Hara and he is 91 years old this past November. He lives with his lovely wife Virginia in Hemet Southern California. He and his wife came East this past fall and we had a grand get-together here in Falmouth on Cape Cod...Both of them have had an intersting life...When they retired, they went to Africa with the Peace Corps and he taught electricity while she worked as a Librarian. When their time was up with the Corps, the people begged them to stay on; but they were required to return home.


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