(Received January 16, 2006)

Follow-up to: First message

Dear James

Thank you for your email and adding my O'Haras to your lists.

My late Father was born in Athlone 3/8/1904 and moved to Cork as a young boy, he was the youngest of four brothers and he sang in the Catherdal (St Finbarr's). He went up to Dublin-worked for Shell Mex in Dane Street. At 38 he joined up and was a gunner in the Royal Tank Regiment; he sadly passed in 1948, aged only 44 . He was employed at the Stock Exchange before he died.

Also I have discovered that my great great grandfather was the younger brother of Charles O'Hara MP for Sligo (died1802) — interesting James. My grandfather - the sea captain - was born 1847 and died1919 — will return to Kew records to do more research. My cousin who lives in England left Dublin at 15; she knows alot more about the O'Haras from our grandfather Hugh O'Hara-Monan.

Better finish now ... my hand is getting tired.

Take care and best wishes,

Barbara Best and family

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