(Received February 20, 2009)


My father: Delmar T. O'Hara


    I saw the following on your site under
 Lists of Renowned O'Haras:

    O'Hara, Delmar T. (*1916), Lawyer, company executive. II 450, 311 

    This is my father. 
WC Bunting is the company he founded. I am curious what "II 450, 311" means.

    Biograhical details about my father: he was born November 10th 1916 and passed away on December 7th 1978 at the tender age of 62. He had five children born between 1947 and 1958: Delmar Terrence O'Hara (12/7/47), Timothy Mark O'Hara (11/30/49), Kathleen Ann O'Hara Hursh (10/18/51), Becky Jane O'Hara Gendreau (9/10/56) and me, Patrick Thomas O'Hara (11/10/58). I don't know if it means anything, but I think it's fascinating that he shares a birthday with his youngest son and passed away on the birthday of his eldest son.
    Patrick O'Hara
    National Sales Manager
    WC Bunting Co
    1425 Globe St
    East Liverpool
    OH 43920

    PS. Dad was also in the State Legislature of Ohio.

    Email: pat@wcbunting.com

    Extract from the Webmaster's Reply

    The reference numbers "II 450, 311" are found on page 2797 (volume 7) of The American Biographical Index, 2nd cumulated and enlarged edition (ABI), which contains a summary of the information contained about more than 488,000 persons featured in the American Biographical Archive (ABA) and the American Biographical Archive, Series II (ABA II). Completed in 1996 ABA II is a cumulation of 127 biographical reference works published to 1980 and reproduced in a single alphabetical sequence of 734 microfiches. ABA and ABA II together cover a total of 502 biographical reference works contained on 2576 microfiches. The reference "II 450 311" therefore means: ABA II, microfiche no. 450 and frame no. 311. That frame contains a photographic copy of the entries about your father in two biographical reference works, namely Who's Who and Midwest.

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