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History of Ann O'Hara and Francis Rox/Rocks


    My name is Carole and I have been doing my family tree for 12 months now but I have come to a stand still with my Ann O'Hara. She was born around 1837 in Ardboe, Co Tyrone, and was married to Francis Rocks/Rox; they were my great great grand parents. I have their children born from 1864 in Co Tyrone but no history on them at all after that. The children ended up comming to Stockton in Yorkshire, England. I was told Anne left Francis with the children for someone else and Francis died in a work house. But where Francis Rocks/Rox came from prior to the marriage is a mystery A lovely lady Pat Grimes has been helping me endlessly but cannot find any trace of my Francis Rocks and his family after the births of their children.

    Wonder if any one can help me please.
    Here is a list of their children, and dates and places of birth:

James 7/5/1860 Ardboe
Catherine 28/8/1864 Ardboe
Hannah 14/7/1867 Stewartstown Co Tyrone
John 15/8/1870 ( my great grandfather )
Mary 1873 Co Tyrone
Patrick 1875 Tamnavally Co Tyrone
Francis 7/6/1877 Dromore Co Tyrone.

I feel Francis may of died soon after birth as he was baptised on the 9/6/1877

    Could any one put a light on this family for me please.

    Best regards,

    Carole Cross

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